Organic Sanitary Regular Pads 6 Pcs



Anions are also called as “Vitamins of Air “which significantly improves overall health & well being.They are odorless, tasteless & invisible molecules which we inhale in large quantity in mostly environmental surroundings. Anions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. Hence with the increase of negative ion ( Anion) to a certain level, the number of bacteria eventually gets reduced to zero


The Following Product Sizes are available.

XL –  40.00 INR

Maxi Thick – 70.00 INR

Maxi Wings – 75.00 INR

XXL Maxi Wings – 99.00 INR

Anion Regular – 69.00 INR

Anion XL Maxi Wings – 89.00 INR

Anion XL + Maxi Wings – 99.00 INR

Baby Organic Diapers also available.

Available in Bamboo, Cotton and Anion Air varieties.


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