About us

About Us

Agasthiya Herbs was born in 2018. The mission is to follow the passion for cooking and exploring traditional Herbs and Spices. Don’t want to miss our tradition and rich food habits.

We as team practiced and consumed home grown natural and organic traditional herbal products for several years. Clearly, it improves our immune system and health naturally. As result, our mission concluded with online store that delivers to your doorstep globally where you can shop safe, shop smart, and shop anytime with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Traditional Organic Ingredients = Happy Meal = Healthy Life.

Most Spices are 1 to 2 years old before they hit store shelves. Direct selling is our business model. The model avoids intermediaries in the supply chain and sells products directly to consumers: it is a person-to-person sale. We get the highest quality spices from right after harvest. Our ingredients come from farmers who are committed to grow traditional and organic farming.

We deliver more than thousands of products on time with best quality!

We committed to deliver all Siddha Medicines and Herbal products based on requests!

Enjoy your Valuable Meal Traditionally and Healthy!

“Eating organic is not a Trend, It’s a return to Tradition“ –  Agasthia Herbs