CurcuMeal 200 gms



Turmeric Super Food (Enriched with Pepper, Dates and Coconut)

  • HEALTH BENEFITS: This product helps to boost your immunity and strength
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Turmeric, Dates, Almond, Honey, Jaggery, Fresh Coconut milk & Pepper. No Artificial colour or Flavour.
  • QUALITY PROCESSING: It is a turmeric food that helps maximum absorption of curcumin, enhanced with dates, pepper, honey, almond and coconut milk using 100% home grown prathiba turmeric and cultivated exclusively by women farmers.
  • HOW TO USE: Direct intake every day or you can mix with milk/shakes/smoothies
  • STORAGE INSTRUCTION: Store the product in a clean, cool, dry place. Close the lid tightly after use. Use clean & dry spoon for serving.

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